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Things Are Not Always as they Seem

Ever wondered what’s like to be someone else.  Well I’ve been there, and it was … quite curious and wonderful. 

One lunch-hour in Manhattan in September 1978, I went to Bloomingdales at 60th and 2nd Avenue.  I left the store and headed south down 2nd Avenue when a very attractive and very well-dressed woman approached me with a broad smile. Without hesitation, she put her arm around my back and started talking to me about a very intimate and personal legal matter. 

As we made our way south, block after block, I would periodically nod, smile … say yes …

Apparently, I appeared to be an identical twin to her attorney … including my voice, stature, hair … even my suit.

As we reached 49th Street, I stopped, smiled, looked her straight in the eyes and said, “Sorry, Madam, but I am not your attorney.  However, I assure you that I will keep everything you have said in the strictest confidence   You have my guarantee as a gentleman.  I’m heading west now to my office at 49th & 6th, and I wish you a good day.”

While she looked a bit startled, she smiled, said, “Thank you” – and nodded good-bye.  I guess I was a shoulder for her to unload on in her cathartic moment and gave her some solace.  Also, I thought, hmmm, my hourly rate is far too low.

A lesson here is that first impressions can be deceiving.  Perhaps she had been thinking of her lawyer and what she would say to him when I appeared.  Her brain concluded that there I was, and she unloaded without further thought.  I hope her rehearsal of what she would tell her lawyer had a benefit for her.  It left me in a quandary.

When you make assumptions about people, both of you may get confused. Always check out your assumptions.  They can be dangerous – even (or especially) when you have a really good-looking lawyer.

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